Craps is one of the most fascinating and entertaining dice games that you can find over the internet all over the world. It is believed to have evolved from an ancient English game known as Hazard. Others consider that the name changed from the French word crapeaud, which means frogs. Craps was introduced to America by the French. The tactics of playing have really transformed a lot throughout the ages. The internet has unlocked up a new means of playing craps where you don’t have to leave the house to access the game. Today, online craps websites such as NZ-onlinecasino have made playing online craps more thrilling and enjoyable hence making it very common.

Difference Between Online and Land Casino Craps

Playing craps online is different from playing it in a land-based casino mainly because while playing online, you just need to have access to a computer and internet connection and don’t necessarily have to go to a casino but for and based, one has to physically go to a casino. Many people prefer playing online craps and even find it more stimulating since you can play it from the comfort of your home. Others favor going to real casinos and experience the enjoyment of people being around them. Online craps have sites that give players options to browse through the necessary rules and strategies that are important for guiding players on how to be able to play craps.

  • Types of Online Craps Bonus
  • Best Online Crap Bonus

If you are a new crap player and resolved to play crap online, you should be aware of the welcome bonus; this is after the first deposit to the casino where you are offered an equal amount of money as you have deposited. For those who don’t want to risk depositing their money should ensure before choosing an online site they check for those websites that do not offer the welcome bonus. However, being offered a bonus is a motivation as you continue to play to win more money without using yours. For those who joined earlier, they are provided with a specific bonus as an appreciation for their continued participation in the casinos.

Types of Online Craps Bets

Despite online craps being an easy game to play and having good winning odds, it is essential to comprehend the betting structure. Online Craps have different types of bets that may tend to confuse new players, and it is thus necessary to understand them. Pass line betting is the most popular betting strategy and the most profitable among craps players. Pass line bet commences once a player bet that the shooter will either roll either a seven or eleven. If the shooter does not roll a seven or eleven even after come-out roll, the shooter will roll the point. Odds betting can be won or lost in combination with the other bets depending on what the player bets on.

Don’t pass line is another type of betting strategy where a player bets that the shooter will roll either a two, three, or twelve in contrast to the shooter rolling a seven or eleven. There is also Come betting which is a bet that is mostly used by a player who has just come and wants to start playing immediately. It is usually placed before the shooter makes any roll. A player wins if the roll is an eleven or seven. If the shooter rolls a two, three, or twelve, then the player has lost the game. Don’t come betting; a player bet against the shooter rolling a seven or eleven and shooting a two or three.


Benefits of Playing Crap Online

Online gambling has become a very lucrative business nowadays. Interested in playing crap, and you are not an interactive person? Then worry no more since the introduction of internet playing crap online has been made easier. The best thing about playing online is its convenience. To enjoy crap, you need a laptop and internet and play in the comfort of your home. The other advantage of playing crap online is that the free websites equip new players with skills to wining online crap. You don’t have to worry risking your money since you play for free until you are ready to play for real money. The other thing Is that playing crap online requires software that is already downloaded and installed.